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Central locking. Installing or replacing drives

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 05:34

To start the installation shall analyze different schemes of the central lock

In a complete set MX is the scheme in which the signaling pulls additional drive such as "Saturn" and a button bar and the door lock twitches regular drive, which manages the rest.

Схема центрального замка Деу Матиз (Matiz)

As you can see the electrical connection between the signaling and CZ not. Appropriately if the key is to shut the door, the bar will also be moving full-time drive, which, again, close all other doors.

In the basic configuration of the drive there, where all 4 doors are equipped with inexpensive "Saturn", which put in SC separately. Looks like this

Схема подключения приводов замков в базовой комплектации матиза

Unlike the version of the MX there is plyus - drives do not freeze, but there are also negative - from the door closing all other doors do not close down, only driver's. More hands to close, because here the central lock itself not.

At full-time drive is one minus - they do not work well at low temperatures, they do not have enough strength to pull the button on the frosted car. To finalize on frost can replace full-time drive for the same Saturn. It turns out like this:

Ie stupidly replaced regular drives to Saturn. It came as the central locking is present and drives the frost will work. The price of each of Saturn about 70 rubles, against a staff cost about 1000 rubles.

The front door to the basic configuration drive put around this place, well, only natural in the interior of the door. needle drive connects to the spoke buttons through the connector (included with the drive)

Место для установки приводов замка в переднюю дверь матиза

Those who change the drive with a staff at Saturn, you can attach it to the place of permanent, one bolt for fastening the bar, the second through the plate (included with the drive) to any place that he would not turn.

approximate it looks like this

is driven by the back door.

Место для установки приводов замка в заднюю дверь матиза

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