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Originally, the exterior of the car was designed for the company Fiat (Fiat) in the design studio Giorgetto Giugiaro, but there he was rejected. Then it was bought by Daewoo Motors (Daewoo Motors). New car (option M100) replaced on the conveyor previous model Daewoo Tico, taking from her engine, transmission and suspension elements. The car was so successful that it became the best-selling car company in Europe.

In 2000, the car has undergone a restyling (option M150), and was manufactured under license from parts (CKD) in Uzbekistan at the factory UzDeuMotors.

In 2003 the car received a new liter engine, which has improved dynamic performance. [1] In Russia car-liter engine, as well as with the automatic transmission became available in 2005. It is currently 3 main configuration Matiz:

* 0.8-liter engine ILAC
* 0.8-liter engine automatic transmission
* 1 liter engine ILAC.

In 2001, General Motors Corporation bought a controlling stake in the bankrupt DeuMotors. Then Daewoo cars were delivered under the brand Chevrolet. When the cars gathered for car factory in Uzbekistan have retained their original name.

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