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VIN Decoding Package Car Daewoo Matiz

Thursday, 01 July 2010 10:37

Ironically, many motorists are unaware of the existence of vin-code car. Meanwhile, the code contains many important and interesting information. At its core, vin-code - a unique identification number of the vehicle assigned to him by the manufacturer at production machines with conveyor. Vin-code assigned to all cars built since approximately 1980. Format vin-code cars is described in ISO 3779, which was adopted in the U.S. and Canada in 1977, this standard is shared by the vast majority of European manufacturers.

In most cases, vin-code consists of 17 characters, and it can not be used letters I, O and Q (primarily because of its similarities with the numbers 1 and 0).

Each character (or group of characters) vin-package bears a well defined information.

At the Daewoo Matiz VIN-code duplicated in two places - on the plate in the luggage compartment and knocked on the metal under the bonnet (in the center in the gutter drainage from the windshield).

Take, for example, this code XWB4A11BD7A086979 and dismantled, that means the same numbers and letters in it.

The first three characters of vin-code shows global code (index), manufacturer of the car. The first and second symbol indicates the region where the car was released, the third - the manufacturer.

X - code region (Asia)
W - country code (Uzbekistan)
B - manufacturer's code (OAZT "UzDaewoo Auto")

Fourth - the type of vehicle (car, truck, etc.).

4 - Vehicle type (passenger, left hand control, front-wheel drive)

Characters from the fifth to ninth show the main technical characteristics of the car: model, body style, engine type, series, etc.

A - Engine code (B-SOCH 1,0 MPFI, A - SOCH 0,8 MPFI)
1 - body type (five-door, hatchback)
1 - initial change (first model)
B - fuel type (A - leaded petrol, B - unleaded petrol)
D - Transmission (D - ILAC five-speed, V - four-Auto)

Tenth character indicates year car

7 - year (7 - 2007)

Eleventh symbol characterizes the plant, which was produced by this machine.

A - assembly plant (A - Asaka)

Non-twelfth to seventeenth characterize the sequence of passing vehicle on the assembly line and represent the number of car body.

086979 - Serial number (car body)

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