On this site I am trying to gather all information about tuning, repair, maintenance and operation of the car Daewoo Matiz (Daewoo Matiz).

Often come across such a problem - remember reading somewhere on the interest at the moment I have a question, but I can not find. Decided to do something like notepad and collect all the interesting information that occur in the network (mostly on forums).

Daewoo Matiz

Information collected on Web sites as presented in the section "Useful Links" and based on personal experience of operation, maintenance, repair and tuning a car Daewoo Matiz (Matiz) Uzbek assembly. All the articles before you get on this site are a comprehensive review of both me and the internet community, the owners of Daewoo Matiz.

Site developed and I'm not going to stand still. New articles and sections of the site appear regularly.

If you have any information or materials that will be of interest to readers of my site, send them to me via the form of feedback . I'm sure they will publish (with your authorship).

Как вам дэу матиз?